Monday, December 1, 2008

Eggplant Steaks Parmigiana Alla Ringo

I've tried once before making Eggplant of some sort, but, clearly, it wasn't very exciting or tasty if I can't even remember how I cooked it. As I already mentioned before, Henry and I bought a new cookbook, and my sous chef helped me make our third meal from this new cookbook.

Our sweet friend Kristen came over to bring us our Christmas present (THANKS!), so she joined us for dinner. I'm glad I was already planning on making a pretty cool meal!

So this meal was really not hard, especially if you've made Chicken Fried Steak before. Haha! I know that sounds bizarre, but that's really the hardest part is the prep work in the breading station. In the end, the cool thing about this dinner is that you'll end up with a stacked main dish. You end up with Eggplant topped with tomato pesto sauce topped with another eggplant topped with more tomato pesto sauce finished off with melted provolone cheese. It's absolutely delicious!
Have a look at the recipe here.


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