Saturday, January 3, 2009

Cake Pops

I can't stop making this yummy red velvet cake! After discovering a very exciting baking blog, Bakerella, I decided I had to try making her Cake Pops. I followed her directions on how she makes her Cake Pops. A co-worker at work was having a birthday, so I thought this would be a fun treat in the office.

Basically, your taking a baked cake, crumbling it up, adding icing, and forming the mixture into cake balls that are added to skewers or some type of stick to create the pop. It's funny when you decide to make it with red velvet cake; the mixture ends up looking like ground meat!
After they are made, they look like the picture below. I didn't exactly use the right type of chocolate as I should have, but if you look through the Bakerella blog, you can see how wonderful these guys can look! My picture isn't all that fantastic either.

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