Saturday, January 3, 2009

General Tsao's Chicken

CHINESE FOOD! I've never really ventured into this realm of cooking except for the measly chicken fried rice recipe I've already given you. I was very nervous to try this, but Henry was very impressed after it was all said and done. Now, I won't lie to you. If you've never made chinese food, you'll probably find this a tedious and time consuming process. I'm sure part of this time consuming process was probably due to the amount of chicken we cooked, too. I'd suggest halfing this recipe or perhaps even fourthing it if you are making this meal for two. I discovered this recipe on, though it is possible that it can be found elsewhere.

It does ask for fresh ginger root, and fresh ingredients do make a difference. However, because I do not regularly cook or bake with ginger, I did take some help from McCormick's on this one. Additionally, I left out the MSG. I can't take it at Pei Wei, so I wasn't ready to use it at home. Otherwise, I made this recipe as it states, even the white pepper! This chicken was so fresh, moist, and tasty. Together with the chicken fried rice recipe, Henry and I had a WONDERFUL meal. I'd suggest making this for sure!

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