Monday, May 18, 2009

Texas Sheet Cake

One of my great aunts makes a chocolate sheet cake every Thanksgiving, and it's gone before the Turkey hits the table! Yes, that means the dessert is gone before the main course :)

Now, many have tried to replicate her recipe and do as well as she can, but no one ever thinks those cakes are as good as my great aunt's. That said, I wasn't going to try to replicate her cake; I didn't even try to ask for the recipe! I do have a Dessert cookbook from Cooking Light that has this Texas Sheet Cake recipe. It looked really tasty, so I decided to make it. I mean just look at the batter!

Now, in the recipe, you'll notice that it says you can use a 13x9 if you don't have a jelly roll pan. Obviously you can see that I did that as I don't have a jelly roll pan that is big enough.

I took this cake to my cousin's graduation party on Sunday, and I think it was gone in 15 minutes! I did eat a small slice, and I was very impressed by how moist it was. You really should make this cake and make sure you put the icing on while the cake is hot!

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