Sunday, January 3, 2010

Seafood Pasta with Sherry Tomato Cream Sauce

Seafood Pasta with Sherry Tomato Cream Sauce 5 My wonderful sous chef told me he was craving a recipe with shrimp as part of the recipe, so I decided to deliver! He’s not usually a fan of mushrooms, but this one looked so good, I decided to make it anyway. I’m glad I did because we ate every bit of this!!! I think it’s probably difficult to go wrong with a pasta and cream sauce, but still. I think I really need to consider making this a staple recipe in our household because it’s so quick and simple! This is most definitely a 30 minute meal if not a 20 minute meal. I know my mother would love it also, as there are very few dishes involved in the preparation :)

Source:Rachel Ray
The clickable link recipe is a little different from that in Rachael Ray's Big Orange Book. The book's recipe suggests that you use any kind of small seafood meat, such as shrimp or crab meat in addition to the lobster suggested in the recipe on Thus, we used shrimp.Seafood Pasta with Sherry Tomato Cream SauceSeafood Pasta with Sherry Tomato Cream Sauce 4
Eat up!

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