Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hammered-Aluminum Champagne Bucket

Well OF COURSE this isn't a recipe, but part of cooking for me is hosting. Thus, I'm always have my eye out for awesome tools that I can use for hosting events. This afternoon, I was at the mall shopping for clothes. I was done with my clothing shopping, but I could feel Williams-Sonoma tugging me towards their heavenly store. Problem is, it was on the other side of the mall. No problem, I headed over there anyway.
I knew I had to resist going into the store, but as I passed by, I saw this beautiful champagne bucket in the window. It was like a huge diamond sitting among a so-so table setting. I just couldn't believe how gorgeous it was! I'm not made of money therefore I do not serve champagne much less have a gorgeous bucket to serve it in... but if I did...this would be the bucket that would be serving my champagne. Fortunately, it's on sale now at Williams-Sonoma!
Sale. Sale? Sale!


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