Sunday, April 26, 2009

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Mini Cheesecakes

Yet another creative dessert from Krista Kooks! Well, that’s not entirely true; I actually go this recipe from All I really did to change it up was make them mini cheesecakes as opposed to one regular sized cheesecake. Thanks to my Mini Cheesecake Pan from Williams Sonoma, I was able to create this little bites of heaven! I mean, don’t you want to hold a piece of cheesecake, bite into the center, and then be surprised with warm chocolate chip cookie dough in the center? If you don’t, you must be one of those people that doesn’t like chocolate, in which case I will forgive you.

Another little creative idea that I did with these mini cheesecakes was to alter the crust ever so slightly. Normally, as you might know, when making a cheesecake, you use crumbled graham cracker crumbs, butter, and sugar. Now, I know these yummy cookies we all love called Oreos, and those little oreos are just the right size for the base of a mini cheesecake. So, rather than mix the crumbs, butter, and sugar, I choose to have fun twisting open oreos, scraping the cream off, and using the cookies as the base for my mini cheesecakes! I also melt about a tablespoon or two of butter and drizzle a few drops over each cookie once they are placed into the mini cheesecake pan.

After this cookie bottom process is complete, I proceed with making the cheesecake filling and chocolate chip cookie dough mix for the cheesecakes. You can view this recipe to see the original.
Having made these yummy little bites and several other cheesecakes, I’m beginning to wonder if I might be able to come up with my own cheesecake recipe that perhaps doesn’t use a full 3 8 oz. packages of cream cheese. I know there are recipes out there that use sour cream that seems to replace some of the cream cheese. So I ask this question for anyone who might have some sort of answer: is there some ratio or proportion to follow when replacing cream cheese with sour cream? Are there rules that make this process easier? Enlighten me, please!

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