Saturday, September 12, 2009

Golden Chicken Nuggets

Are you seeing the similarity to these and Chick Fila?! I am! These are wonderfully delicious, kid-friendly and easy to make. There's only 4 ingredients! As I'm trying to clear out our pantry/fridge/freezer, I decide to used up more of our Lipton Recipe Secrets packs. Right on the box, you'll find the recipe for these easy to make chicken nuggets, but here is the recipe as well so that you can prepare for your trip to the grocery store.
I only needed about 3 chicken breasts to complete this recipe. If you do 4 chicken breasts, you might need a little more bread crumbs. And, speaking of bread crumbs, I decided to go somewhat healthier on my creations and use whole wheat bread crumbs! That's right; I put a healthy spin on these reputationally bad nuggets. I don't think they are so bad because these were baked chicken nuggets and not fried. Here they are all coated and about to go in the oven.
Oh, and how delicious they look after 15 minutes of baking! Dig-in for some homemade chicken nuggets. Oh...and these are husband friendly, too :)

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