Monday, September 21, 2009

Krista Kooks' Kitchen

Well, I don't know what the perception has been, up until now, of what type of kitchen I might be cooking in, but I'm here to show's small, not technologically advanced, and overall pretty simple. I say that to encourage anyone who doesn't think they have what it takes to make anything exciting or fancy in their kitchen. You might be able to tell that the sous chef and I are actually in an apartment!

I show this next photo to show you just some of the spices that we have. I laugh at just how many we have as there is a rack here on the wall as well as spinning rack in the pantry.
You'll also notice from pictures above that I keep the front of the fridge free of clutter :) That said, you'll notice that what normal people put on the front of their fridge, I put on the sides. LOL! Of course, you can also see my favorite kitchen appliance in this picture; my Kitchen Aid Mixer.
I just like the following picture because of the Bistro sign :)
See our pantry below! It's super tiny, but it's really all we need. I like it because it makes me realize exactly what I have and doesn't allow me to buy too much thus causing me to forget about some things that I've purchased.

Voila! Below are all of my cookbooks! You can see the bog orange book sticking out like a sore thumb, and that is the one I've been making a lot of recipes from in the last few weeks.

Well, that's where the magic of Krista Kooks happens folks! I don't know what you might have expected, but, my hope is that you are surprised and that it comes as an encouragement for you to get into your kitchen and get to cooking or baking :)

What do you think?!


  1. I think your kitchen is PERFECT! Thanks for posting the pics. It is not the looks or the size of the kitchen that matters, it is the love and joy that goes into the food that is prepared there that really counts.

  2. I love your kitchen, besides being a brilliant cook you are also a great decorator!!! You should have seen my first kitchen, married housing at TAMU, now that was cozy.



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